one shot.


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Lot of problems here, but we are on the road like always.


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Some Music Videos

I don´t like too much Kanye & Jay Z but this video directed by Romain Gavras is a great visual work, really well done and it´s perfect for this week.

He also Directed the great music video “Stress” for Justice one of my favorites of Romain.

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Camera falls from a plane, almost gets eaten

The last post was raskalovit climbing the the Shanghai Tower, in this case some sky divers lost the camera from an airplane and falls into a pigs pen, they found the camera 8 months later, finally the video is on youtube.

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I know it’s viral, but… mad respect. fucking intense.
The Shanghai Tower (650 meters)

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Chilimbalam The Jaguar - Mexico 2013 !
The Random Takes 3 coming fucking soon…
The video series are back baby! fabrica_1

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Light Painting



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The secret tube

The Post Office Railway , also known as “Mail Rail”, is a 10.5 km train system deep under London’s streets. It´s like a secret tube, a second metro using to move the mail under the city of London. The mail rail operated from 1927 until 2003.  In 2011 a urban explorer crew “consolidation crew”  go down illegally on the tunnels and take great flicks. take a look after the video!


But before the “Mail Rail” was the “Chicago Tunnel Company” created in 1906 and inspiring the construction of the “Mail Rail” this is the only video i can find. take a look

extra vintage flicks






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